T.I. has once again put the rap back in rap sheet.

In 1996 16 year old T.I. was busted on federal crack dealing charges and given 7 years probation.

As a convicted felon with previous gun and drug arrests, he isn’t allowed to own a gun under federal law, let alone multiple guns like authorities found after a weekend search warrant was executed at his home outside of ATL.

According to news service reports, T.I.’s bodyguard was arrested last week after he allegedly purchased three machine guns, two silencers and a pistol for the rapper.

After his arrest, the bodyguard agreed to cooperate with investigators, which led to T.I’s Saturday arrest in a downtown Atlanta shopping center, just hours before he was to appear for a live taping of the BET Awards show.

According to reports, officials also uncovered numerous guns in T.I.’s car and home.

The multi-platinum rapper faces career-derailing prison time – to the tune of 10+ years in federal lockup.

Did T.I. plan on invading Iran with machine guns? Regardless of his motive by the time T.I. gets out of jail in 2018 gangsta rap will (hopefully) be dead anyway.

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