A Conversation with the Lovely Lana Cox

Some people say there’s no class in adult entertainment. Those people have obviously never met the classy and glamorous Lana Cox.

Born in Russia, the blond haired beauty immigrated to England where she found fame as a glamour model. But that was only the beginning, soon Lana became a Page 3 girl for The Sun, went on to model for Playboy.

After her stint in Playboy Lana starred in several adult films such as Ben Dover in London, Lana in Fur, Every Woman Has a Foot Fantasy, Lana & Theresa Having It Off, Playboy Celebrity Special: Lana Cox and COED’s favorite, Strap-a-D***-to-Me. She has also worked with some of the top stars in the business, including Jenna Jameson.

Today Lana is running her own website leggylana.com, where she continues to make all of our fantasies come true while maintaining complete control of her career.

COED Magazine was fortunate enough to talk to Lana about her new website, her career, and what she thinks of the current trends in the adult entertainment industry.

“You were born in Russia and then emigrated to England. How difficult was this transition for you? Did anybody offer to help you out at first?”

I moved to the UK in 1991 and it was a bit strange at first. Although I spoke good English as I studied it at University and got a degree, the local dialects threw me completely, but people were very friendly and I adjusted pretty quickly.

“What made you get into glamour modeling and how did you get discovered?”

The local paper picked up a story of a young Russian girl moving to England, put a couple of pictures in and the phone wouldn’t stop since. I started getting modeling offers and never looked back.

“Were you uncomfortable when you started out?”

I was brought up feeling comfortable with my body and the fact that naked body is nothing to be ashamed of, so no, it wasn’t uncomfortable in that sense, just needed to learn how to pose in front of the camera, but that came quickly with experience.

“When did you find out you were going to be a Page Three girl? Did you feel different after words?”

I had a casting that my agent sent me to and got the job. The following week I was in the paper. I got recognized straight away and it was strange for some time, seeing people talking about you and pointing fingers, whispering. But you soon get used to it.

“I’ve noticed you do quite a bit of fetish work. Is there any particular fetish that is your favorite?”

I’ve started my own website about 5 months ago. It caters for stockings, pantyhose, legs and feet. It’s growing every day fast and is becoming very popular.

�You used to model and do work in furs, did you ever get threatened by animal rights activists?�

I was brought up in Russia, where everyone wears real fur, men no exception. It’s so bitterly cold there, you just don’t have a
choice, and artificial fur won’t save you. We all wear leather here, so what’s so different here? I’m strongly against killing animals for sport, though, but if they are bread in farms just like pigs, sheep and cows, then why aren’t we campaigning for all of us to become vegetarian? I believe we all have a right to have an opinion and I’ll never begrudge the animal rights activists for campaigning for what they believe in.

“Is there any fetish or form of adult entertainment that you refuse to participate in?”

The only adult work I do is for my site only so any other adult work is out of bounds “Can you tell us a bit more about the website. It sounds like gives you total control of your career. What’s it like to have that freedom? It’s great to be in charge of what you do and it gives me creativity in thinking up different scenarios for my new updates, plus my fans write to me with their requests. It’s a lot of work though; I do my own editing and maintaining of the site, you learn something new every day.

“What features does it have?â€?

Like I said before, it caters for stockings, pantyhose, legs and feet, mine of course, lol…I have a members section with videos and photosets there with new content added every week.

“Are you permitted to post or sell older work that you did?â€?

I can only sell work that I have copyright to, not the one I’ve done for other people. Once you get paid for a job, you loose the rights to your work, that’s what they pay you for.

“How often do you come to the United States?â€?

It always depends. I used to go to the US pretty regular, I love your country, but it’s been a few years since I’ve been now. There is so much still left to explore…I miss New York and San Francisco.

“Do you enjoy your visits? And are you visiting anytime soon?â€?

Yes I do. So far I’ve been to California, Carolinas, Georgia, Florida. I don’t have any plans for visiting US just yet, but I’m hoping to make time in the near future.

“What was it like working with Jenna Jameson?â€?

Jenna is a sweetheart. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve worked with her, but I can’t see her changing that much. She is amazingly pretty girl and very nice person too, not at all snobby.

“How much has adult entertainment changed throughout your career?â€?

The industry has been getting harder over the years, I remember Penthouse featuring girls in open leg positions, no more, but now it’s hardcore. Makes you wonder, whatever’s next…

“What do you mean by harder?â€?

I Mean, boy/girl, anal… Where does it stop? It’s getting more and more extreme and the boundaries are being pushed further and further… There is not much pretty glamour left nowadays and there is certainly bigger demand on extreme sexual activities.

“What made you retire in 2003?”

I had a contract with a cosmetics company based on exclusivity I couldn’t work for anyone else.

“What made you come back?”

The contract ran out, I’ve tried other ventures, but got drawn back to what I know and do best…

�What do you have to say to your fans?�

To all my fans, hope you enjoy my site and I make all your fantasies come true.

Go to www.leggylana.com and register so Lana’s beautiful legs and size 3 feet can make all your dreams come true.

Who is Jay Reatard?
Who is Jay Reatard?