Brew Review: Natural Ice

I enjoy Budweiser as much as the other guy, but Natural Ice should wipe it out of existence. Why go for the best when you can go for the…rest?

Natural Ice (Nasty Ice; Natty Ice for the enlightened) is Bud without the working-man’s price (read: tailor-made for college). A 12-pack costs as much as most sixers and gets you off-the-rocker drunk.

If you drink to get wasted, wasted you will get.

With some beers it’s necessary to break down the distinct taste, aroma and head – not with Natty. This budget brew contains more alcohol than regular beers (5.9), not to mention packing a taste reminiscent of skunked Bud and whorish sweat. Funny enough, hangovers are almost non-existent.

Head? Don’t offend Natty that way. This ain’t no precious micro-brew; this is distilled party piss with hops.

The greatest asset Natural Ice has going for it is the miraculous flavor-change that happens when you’re over 6-beers deep. Not only does it then taste exactly like Bud, but it goes down as easy as spring water.

Natty Ice: the champion of low-cost, high-alcohol beer. I recommend a 12-pack every time you’re in a pinch and must BYOB; every day if you’re unemployed and a Failure at Life.

Natural Ice stats

Tastes like: watered-down Bud and unemployment checks; college

Smells like: classic trashy beer stench

Alcohol content: drunk silly after an easily-chugged 8 beers; 12 if you’re “Natty tolerant”

California Evacuations Suck!
California Evacuations Suck!