Brew Review: Red Stripe

All of this Halloween talk and fall weather had me reaching for one beer last night: Red Stripe. A summer-styled lager in the near-winter month of October? Why not?

Red Stripe Jamaican beer is known for its spiced flavor and smooth finish. This lager has a large stable of enthusiasts due to its unique taste and stubby bottle. The famous Red Stripe “bitterness” is caused by its crisp, almost-acidic blend of roasted corn and (vegetable?) hops. No matter what the weather it’s refreshing.

While pricy compared to budget-beers Red Stripe is still reasonably affordable for those wanting some variety in their brew-drinking habits. Warning: hipsters have taken a liking to Red Stripe, so you may be labeled unfairly as one when sipping.

Ways to avoid being labeled a hipster whilst drinking a Red Stripe Jamaican Lager:

Get into a brawl with a Hell’s Angel (not recommended)

Never, ever utter the phrase “post-modern” or worse, “Po-Mo”

Don’t act like a self-righteous, judgmental, know-it-all hipster (see what I did there?)

Red Stripe’s unique taste not only puts it in an exclusive category of brews, but it also works as a great way to quench your thirst…for a beer. It’s the Gatorade of beers, if you will: water may quench, but if you want taste (and drunken follies), well…

I may not have Red Stripes regularly, but when I have the urge for its taste, nothing else can satisfy.

Red Stripe Stats

Tastes like: spicy mix of corn and BBQ fixins

Smells like: Jamaican heat

Alcohol content: a relaxer; watch it creep up while you’re dutifully doing outdoor labor

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