Brew Review: Yuengling Traditional Lager

Yuengling, the yeast from the east. Not many west-coasters have experienced the cheap-yet-digestible taste that America’s Oldest Brewery provides.

Similar to Coors in its smoothness Yuengling is a staple of Northeastern frat-parties and post-college keggers. Its neutral taste hardly offends, with decent head and a nice honey-grain finish. Guys and gals alike love Yuengling.

Comparable to Corona in value, Yuengling is cheap enough to buy in bulk yet quality enough to pass off as “good beer.” (You know what I mean: “Hey, I don’t feel like drinking canned sh*t – can you pick up some good beer?”)

Experts in the beer-drinking field (read: alcoholics) tend to call Yuengling a “lawnmower beer,” perfect for outdoor drinking while doing heavy-duty yard work. While I can’t say that I’ve knocked back a case while operating heavy machinery, I have sipped one while taking out the trash – does that count?

Still, I must admit: Yuengling’s low alcohol content takes it down a half-notch in overall…drinkability? Yes, drinkability.

Since it’s not some limited-edition micro-brew I’d expect it the alcohol to be top priority to taste. At 4.9% alcohol you’ll have to drink a few more to reach that special, magic time when you’re invincible.

Minor quibbles aside Yuengling is a fine brew for any occasion. At its price point I would be hard-pressed to find a better value-to-quality ratio.

Yuengling Stats

Tastes like: a better Coors (sorry Coors…I love you too)

Smells like: America

Alcohol content: not as high as most, so drink up (responsibly, of course)

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