Brew Review: Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Ale

Fun fact: Blue Moon is a Coors product. Some may know this, but it’s important enough to bring up when reviewing this very un-Coors like brew.

Blue Moon, a white beer, has a carbonated-pulp look not unlike Orangina. And funny enough, it also has a citrus-infused taste that’s usually complimented by a slice of orange when served at certain bars. While a slice of orange may be overkill to most it does effectively intensify the fruity aroma Blue Moon wears ever-so-proudly.

The brew’s closest relative (and competition) would unfortunately be Hoegaarden, high-shaman of the sweet beer stable. To compare the two is quite unfair, seeing that Hoegaarden is far more expensive – and far more tasty, admittingly.

Calling Blue Moon a low-rent Hoegaarden may seem a bit harsh; but considering the quality of the beer it’s being compared to you could do far, far worse in terms of taste. Sure it’s more “watery,” but not as watered-down as Natty Ice and beers of that ilk.

My preferred time to drink Blue Moon would have to be in the late, autumnal hours of October…like right now!

A mild citrus taste that goes down easy – in the end you can’t go wrong with That Old Devil Moon.

Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Ale Stats

Tastes like: Hoegaarden’s scrappy little brother

Smells like: fermented Orangina (that’s a good thing)

Alcohol content: fantastic in bulk; it’s the beer that keeps on giving

3 thoughts on “Brew Review: Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Ale”

  1. Josh - UMASS, Lowell

    While I've had (and really, really love) Smuttynose and Anderson Valley (cream ale is king) I've never tried Uniwqew Queiroble de Chatebley (sp?). I'll have to take a trip to Bosstown…thanks for the tip, bro!

    And yeah, I'm just starting to roll out this whole "brew review" thang – look forward to many more macros and micros.

    And yeah again, beer IS rad, Mr. LSD. Well said!

  2. Keep your Blue Moon AND your Hoegaarden and give me your Southampton, Smuttynose, Bell’s, Anderson Valley, Unibroue Blanch de Chambly… there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of good white ales, why settle for this crap? Haven’t you people ever heard of Beer Advocate? Or “MICRO BREWS”?

    Josh, take a trip into Boston and head to Publick House in Brookline or, secondarily, Sunset Grill & Tap in Allston. And DON’T get anything made by an American factory brewer.

    Hey, you know what? I am an ass. Kudos for talking about Blue Moon and not Bud Select. Goodbye.

  3. Timothy Leary, LSD

    A heaping “meh” at crustcake: I like Hoegaarden much more than some uppity, farty, New England beer that sends its followers into a tizzy when other beers get mentioned before it.

    But in your tradition, I am also an ass. Let’s agree that beer is rad, mmmkay?

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