If the Patriots Bitchslap You – Don’t Whine!

Where has all of the pride gone in the NFL?

Players need to spend a little less time “keeping it real” and a little more time either practicing, watching film, or lifting weights.

The latest victims are the Washington Redskins, especially Phillip Daniels and Marcus Washington, who have 18 years combined NFL experience. If you get absolutely sodomized by the Patriots second-string skills players, you should ease up on the whine and get into the gym.

This is professional football, gentlemen: if you don’t have enough skill or pride to prevent a team from running up the score, you need to just take it like a man, point blank.

Does anyone remember that growing up? If we lost a little league game or a fight by the monkey bars – no lawsuits, no fines, no whining – Dad would look at you and say, “Lost/Got your ass kicked? Take it like a man.” Return your bling and your spinning rims, have a glass of milk with some cookies, suck it the f**k up and take it like a man.

This week the Pats play the Colts and we will see. It is the equivalent of the 2 school bullies agreeing to roll-shambeau after school. If the Pats run the score on the Colts – everyone should write Belichick an apology. As for the Redskins, the Pats got sh*t the week before for pulling Brady and then putting him back in. This time, they kept him in a little longer, and then threw in the 2nd string QB, RB, TE, LG, RT and WR. The Pats STILL beat up the Redskins like the blind retarded kid in the back of the bus. The Redskins just sat there, drooling and whining with absolutely NO PRIDE in their team.

If you have pride or a shred of dignity, you say to your teammates, “You know what guys? We are getting schooled by backup QB Matt Cassel and I think that shouldn’t happen!” If you and your team possess pride and dignity, you will rise up and stop getting plowed like Britney Spears in a Holiday Inn hot tub.

Washington Redskins, you have a level of commitment that I haven’t seen since French surrendered (in almost every war on record). You have no pride, no dignity and absolutely no self respect. To go public and denounce the ass kicking you received on national television is a sign of douchebaggery that few can call their own.

2007 Washington Redskins, Congratulations! You are pussies!

6 thoughts on “If the Patriots Bitchslap You – Don’t Whine!”


    It is professional sports, if you get the score run up – you need to rethink your career as a pro athlete…end of story.

  2. Plus, Belichick is trying to prove that he didn't need to monitor the Jet's signs to absolutely abuse them the way he did.

  3. i loved how brady was still in the game when the game was clearly over. the patriots are such d-bags and will get it handed to them this sunday courtesy of peyton manning

  4. I'm sorry, but I think Peyton is going to ass-hammered. If Harrison is out, the pats D can key on Reggie Wayne, and then it is all over. Gonzales isnt strong enough to carry the WR core, and Dallas Clark – who I have on Fantasy Football – only matches up well against Junior Seau who isnt as fast as he used to be.

  5. F U to the idiot who posted and said that the skins are pussies. Why don't u come to dc and try saying that? Who's the pussy? U wish you had to pride and tradition we have so SCREW U…Anyone can win games when u have a competitive advantage. Where's the pride in that? Everyone hates the pats…we're just the only one's that have to balls to say it. We'll see ya in the future. Oh and i really am inviting you down to dc, we'll find out who the pussy is.

    P.S. u lucky i can't use the language that u deserve on here

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