Mobile Feedback: The Next 365 Days in Sports

The Red Sox won the World Series. The Yankees are in shambles and so is the college football Top 25! Kobe is out of LA and Chad is out of NY. Joe is coaching the Dodgers and Joe is coaching the Yankees!

Sports is moving at a mile a minute and to make a legitimate educated guess as to where the sports world will be 365 days from now would be near impossible.

This is why we turn to the readers and find out what they think will go down over the next year. Some predictions are logical, others a brilliant and the rest are completely retarded.

Check out the predictions and leave a comment with what you’re thinking!

Rory M: The New York Knicks will fire Isiah Thomas then make the playoffs, AND the College football championship is going to be an awful game with one (or two) of the teams not being the defined number one (or two), therefore forcing the league to go to a playoff format sometime in the future.

Rob B: A 5-foot Asian guy will win the NBA slam dunk contest (at half the cost of an American player) and US Mens Soccer team will make the World Cup semifinals.

Rory M (Round II): There will be a huge steroids scandal that will force the 2007 Red Sox to give up their title, and Tiki Barber will be involved in a crazy sex scandal.

Joe I: The Islanders will win the Stanley Cup and Jay-Z will start at point guard for the Nets when they move to Brooklyn.

Meghan B: 1) The people turn on Steinbrenner… things get ugly… forced to go into hiding outside the US. 2) Tom Brady gets hotter (that will happen) and wins the Super Bowl.

Justine H: The Jets will get rid of Chad Pennington and Dennis Rodman will return to the NBA.

Kenny A: TO will actually commit suicide and Derek Jeter will get traded to the Red Sox.

Nigel J: 1) It comes out that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have been secretly dating for 4 years and 2) Boston wins the World Series in ’08 then the entire team gets hit by a meteor the day after. If only this would really happen.

Jim M: Kevin Durant is an All-Star and Tiger Woods will play only 10 tourneys yet still win the Grand Slam title.

Kevin L: The Patriots will go undefeated and the Red Sox will repeat .

Emily F: Minnesota Twins will win the ’08 World Series and Kevin Garnett will miss Minnesota so much he will ask to be traded back.

Chad H: Joe Torre is gay!

Chris B: A-Rod signs the most lucrative contract in baseball history and goes 0-15 in the playoffs!

Gordon K: Pats go undefeated and Brady smashes the TD passes record in a season mark by 10. England wins Euro 2008 championships in Sweden/Austria.

Pat R: Tom Brady knocks up Gisele Budtchun.

Victor K: Armenia wins the Special Olympics and Mike Tyson becomes the new prison league’s Bare-Knuckle Champion.

Jake W: When the Patriots play the Dolphins in 2 will see the biggest NFL point spread ever…by one year from now the MLB will issue its first-ever lifetime suspension due to steroid use.

John T: Three words: Lawrence Taylor cologne.

3 thoughts on “Mobile Feedback: The Next 365 Days in Sports”

  1. charles in charge

    ha Lawrence Taylor cologne, what about Dan Marino isatoners – oh wait that already exists in ace ventura

  2. Prediction: Red Sox will win the '08 World Series 'cause their squad is the absolute greatest in baseball, no contest.

    @charles in charge: sadly (modern) baseball wouldn't exist without 'roids…thumbs down to Bonds…

    GO SOX!

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