A Girls’ Guide to Firearms

The first time I ever fired a gun was to, well…make my boyfriend happy.

I wanted to impress him so he thought I was adventurous and had an interest in the some of the same things that he did. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I know guys think girls who can shoot guns are sexy. I mean, think of all the movies where hot babes are firing weapons.

I never heard a guy who was turned off when bad-ass assassin Angelina Jolie was taking people out in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. But in reality, I could have cared less about firing a gun.

Growing up, even on the mean streets of New Jersey, I had never even seen a gun, fire arm, pistol, or whatever you want to call it except for television and movies. It wasn’t that my family was against weapons or the right to bare arms, we just didn’t bare arms. So when it came time to act interested, I had to do just that: ACT.

But being familiar with fire arms and pistols is something that is very important and every woman should know. Not only can it be thrilling to fire a gun but it is also very empowering. I think the hardest part for me was that I didn’t know what to expect. I hate to admit it but I tried to do some research online, in hopes that it would help me better.

I went here and I was able to see how gun works but still needed much practice before improving my ability to aim and shoot one. When I finally wrapped my hands around the gun, I was really starting to sweat bullets (pun intended). After I fired the first round though…it all changed.

It wasn’t as scary as I had anticipated. I was afraid that I was going to fall over from the kickback (the pressure that is released when a gun is fired), but actually it wasn’t terrifying at all. It took at least a dozen rounds until I realized that I have to start aiming. I had no idea all the things that go into shooting like shot picture, and breath control. Shot picture is when you look down the sights. It’s difficult but you want to be consistent when you fire and have a routine that works for you.

For me it was easy, I was consistently bad.

However, each time my SNIPER of a boyfriend took me shooting and explained why each step was important, I was able to greatly improve. He stressed breath control, which I thought was ridiculous; but he proved it wasn’t by letting me fire five rounds MY WAY, the wrong way as he called it. Then he made me fire his way, exhaling slowly as I fired.

Although I hate to admit it, his way was the right way.

Together, we’ve gone to the range often. To find a range near you look here. Honestly, it surprises me to say, but I am even considering buying a gun myself. To see the laws in your state look here. In some states it takes a long time to buy a gun, which can be good or bad.

Something probably needs to change since there are so many nut cases carrying guns on college campuses these days. Still, as much as the government wants us to feel safe, I think I would definitely feel safer if I had a gun like Dirty Harry. I sit in my classes, and in the back of my mind, I think of how I am going to get out of the room if I hear shots from the hallway.

I’ve actually contemplated taking classes only on the first floor so I have a quick getaway. I’m not saying that I would want to carry a gun with me to class but at least if the campus security carried something other then a flashlight and a cup of coffee, I might feel safer. I don’t think I’m alone or crazy in my thoughts, but even if I am so what, I don’t think it is too much to have an expectation of making it safely through my classes each day.

So whether you are comfortable at the idea of firing a weapon or not, at least give it a try.

I was extremely nervous the first time I fired, but now I feel like one of the characters in the movies. I also appreciate the fact that shooting is not as easy as actors make it look. I mean, I bet in reality Angelina Jolie couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. So if you can’t shoot well, I guess my advice would be to at least dress hot when you go firing with your man.

Remember your Sniper may talk a big game but if he doesn’t appreciate you taking an interest in his hobby…he could very well end up alone that night with his Halo 3.

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