Brew Review: Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale

Now this is what I’m talking about.

Sierra Nevada is hardly a slouch when it comes to quality beer, but its Harvest Ale batch puts most of its roster – let alone the majority of comparable beers on the market – to shame. One bottle of Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale costs around the same as a cheap six-pack, but know that it’s worth it. Break out a nice mug for this one.

Upon pouring Harvest Ale dons a thick, slightly-tan head that holds up well before settling into a thin, elegant foam over the amber-colored brew. Just from a visual perspective this beer is high-grade. Now, for the taste: strong, slightly bitter flavor full of complexities. I gather a hint of citrus with nutty, malt-flavored hops dominating the flavor. A real unique Indian Pale Ale, this is.

With alcohol content at a higher-than-expected 6.7% Harvest Ale can do the trick when it comes to Great Beers for Every Occasion. Knocking back a couple at a local bar is just as satisfying as having one with your dinner at home. It’s a smooth, well-balanced brew that’s essential to any beer drinker with taste buds. No better mid-priced brew comes to mind for the fall season.

Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale stats

Tastes like: a killer combination of malt hops, citrus and a nutty aftertaste

Smells like: dignified blue-collar man

Alcohol content: high without compromising the flavor; outstanding drinkability

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She Lies, Too