She Lies, Too

It’s about time we give it to you straight because, let’s face it, women don’t. All women lie, boys – it’s just in their nature.

You have probably been called a liar before, but she is just as guilty. Make no mistake about that. To prove the point here are five common one-liners you have probably heard from the ladies that have you wondering if you can really trust what they say:

1) ‘I’m not mad at you.’
You bet your ass she is! She doesn’t want to seem overly sensitive, so she masks her true feelings with this line. But chances are she is an emotional train-wreck.

2) ‘It’s not you. It’s me.’
You have just been rejected, my friend! This is that infamous line that really means she’s just not that into you. If she likes you, she likes you there are no excuses. Rejection is always tough to handle, but there are plenty of fish in the sea.

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3) ‘You’re the best in bed.’
Since the topic of sex is always a taboo subject, it’s best to not bring it up. If she does, she probably wants to make you feel good about yourself. She knows it’s something you want to hear – what guy doesn’t want to hear about their outstanding sexual prowess? So there you go! Women know you want to hear this. So, many say it and don’t really mean it.

4) ‘It doesn’t bother me when you look at other women.’
Hmmm…maybe your girlfriend is into threesomes because no girl in her right mind that appreciates her guy checking out other ladies. She doesn’t want you to think she is one of those insanely-jealous girlfriends so she tries to make it totally OK that your eyes wander at times. Try focusing on her more or face the consequences.

5) ‘I hope you and your new girlfriend will be very happy.’
She says this out of respect for you, but, the truth be told, she probably still has feelings for you. Know that it’s really hard for her to see you with someone else.

Remember: there’s what she says and there’s what she means. Whether they’re tiny fibs or huge cover-ups, understanding what she really means can make a world of difference. So listen up and do your homework because no one can be trusted these days, not even your sweetie.

3 thoughts on “She Lies, Too”

  1. What about when she says:

    'I had unprotected sex in the lettuce locker with a black SuperFresh employee while on angel dust and I am pregnant with his kid(s)'

    What does she mean then?

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