Facebook Manhunt: Thousands Join to Help find “Donnie’s” Killer

Last weekend Donald “Donnie” Farrell was attacked by four or five men who asked him for directions to a local party. Before Farrell could point the men towards Beau Rivage, an off-campus apartment complex where he lived, he was punched in the face and pushed to the ground, where at least one of the men repeatedly kicked him in the stomach.

Farrell died at Cooper University Hospital in Camden on Oct. 28.

Farrell’s killers are still on the loose.

Dozens of Facebook memorial groups have been set up to remember the outgoing, much-loved Rowan sophomore but it’s the manhunt style group, “Make a Difference, Bring Donnie Farrell’s Killers to Justice” started by Rowan Junior Eric Marozine that has garnered national attention.

Being that this murder took place so close to campus there is a good chance the killers have had contact with students in the past. So what better way to spread the word than Facebook?

This is the first time a manhunt has been held on the popular social networking site but its potential for results is so great the police have reached out for help.

The group gives detailed information about the assault, security camera pictures of the suspects and contact information for anyone who has knowledge of the killing.

Not only has “Make a Difference, Bring Donnie Farrell’s Killers to Justice” has become an outlet for thousands of Facebook members to share memories about Donnie, but more importantly it has opened the door for future virtual manhunts.

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