Life on the Road with Ryan Bingham

Ryan Bingham grew up on his own, bouncing back and forth between rural Texas and New Mexico doing ranch work in the wild. As an adolescent Bingham joined the southwestern Rodeo circuit, often spending many nights sleeping in the bed of his pickup.

Along the way Bingham met many interesting characters that inspired his career. “There was this guy who lived next door that played mariachi music. I was fascinated, and mostly I’d go over and drink whiskey with him and watch, but then he taught me some chords and he hooked me. I haven’t put it (my guitar) down since.” Now 25, Bingham is looking to tackle the mainstream with his Lost Highway Records release of Mescalito.

Although Ryan Bingham is considered a country singer, Mescalito sounds more like a soulful rock album that pays tribute to the ups and downs of his life spent living on back roads in the Southwest.

Winning Track: “Southside of Heaven.”

After the jump, an inspiring 5 minute documentary revealing life on the road with Ryan Bingham and a gallery of his personal pictures.

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  1. Love this guy! saw him in NYC last week and I was blown away. Although it may not be the best comparison but if you like King of Leon i;d recommend Ryan.

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