Online Dating = Sex on the First Date

Sexuality Research and Social Policy recently published an article about the sexual tendencies of women who date online.

According to the stats a staggering one-third of women in the U.S. have sex with a person they met online on the first date. In addition, 27 percent of said women perform oral sex on the first date.

This is amazing news for gun-shy, introverted, computer-literate dweebs! (I think.)

Of course, there is a hitch. In this day and age of anonymity, there’s never a sure-fire way to know if your blind-date is hot, clean nympho or a gross, disease-infested nympho. And let me tell you folks, there is a difference.

It’s practically undeniable that anybody that has to rely on social networks to get laid – notice I didn’t say relationships; that’s a whole article unto itself – is either wildly desperate for sex with any form of human or so far removed from any chances with the local crowd due to some sort of sexually transmitted disease. There has to be a valid reason why certain types peruse online in hopes of finding sex with no strings attached. Your brain wants to believe that the person in question is a no-nonsense sexpot; but your gut tells you otherwise, doesn’t it?

Having a fling with a MySpace/Facebook profile (or a Craigslist “Casual Encounter” listing) says a lot about a person. Whether they’re morbidly awkward in typical social settings or sex-obsessed freaks it’s quite obvious that they’re willing to risk it all in hopes of getting off. Admirable, but questionable.

I’m a reasonable guy who has unreasonable fantasies from time to time – who doesn’t? But to hedge your bets on a pixelated photo and a too-good-to-be-true sexplination from some random profile to get your kicks is probably not the safest thing to do. The proposition may sound intriguing, but how many attribute-boasting sex gods are flat-out lying? Still, I can understand the intrigue if you’re adventurous but publicly afraid to expound on your fetish consisting of nipple-clamps and spankings.

At the end of the day, satisfying your libido with a random probably isn’t the safest idea in the world. Take the time to meet somebody – at the very least enough time to see if they have any STDs – then bust out the warming lubricant, handcuffs, vibrating egg, leather body suits…

10 thoughts on “Online Dating = Sex on the First Date”

  1. Dont hate on online dating, my buddy at NYU in on MATCH, and he cleans up! A different girl every weekend. And they are hot too

  2. Haven't tried dating online have you? You really come off as an intolerant idiot. Have you met any of these "sex obsessed freaks" from CL? You need to get out more — the people on CL, facebook, match, etc are the same people you'd meet in a bar, church, or at work. Really.

    With 20% or more of the population having HPV and HSV, how are you going to determine whether the person you've "taken time to know" has an STD. One wonders how you will find this out…

  3. Timothy Leary, LSD

    Ever tried dating outside the internet, Al?

    It's blatantly obvious that by "find out if she has an STD" the author (he? she?) means "go on a few dates and get to know them instead of laying pipe to some psuedo-call girl," in which I couldn't agree more. You'd be insane not to.

    While I don't fully agree with the article I do understand the stigma that's attached to online dating…and the risks.

    A friend of mine (really…I promise!) went on an impromptu "date" with some hornball on "CL" as you call it. When he met up with her at some diner he told me that she was a completely different person than the picture – not a good thing, considering. After trying to slip out after many occasions he literally ran away from her! Funny for us, terrifying for him.

    I'm sure women have many worse MySpace and Craigslist stories than that, too…

  4. Timothy,

    You are still not getting it — with one in four women carrying HSV, you aren't going to find that out from dating them… especially since most people don't know they are carrying it (and won't tell you). Ever thought why those rates are so high?

    As far as dating on CL, I've met women who I wouldn't sleep with (why a woman would tell me about a past meth habit is beyond me) and attractive, smart women that would be great catches by anyone's standards.

    Are you implying that the only way to meet someone is in a bar, at work or through friends? Kind of limiting yourself in the 21st century, aren't you?

    Timothy (and the original author), the more I read both of your arguments, the more I think you are the typical fucked up males with double standards…

    "pseudo call girls"???? Please tell that to the Berkely Hass MBA bank VP or the Stanford civil engineering masters student I met last month on casual encounters… you need to do some research of your own…

    As to people not matching their profile… that's why you meet for coffee in the afternoon… same shit happens on Yahoo personnels, Match, Eharmony, etc. Not just CL.

  5. Timothy Leary, LSD


    Understandable, and I can see your point.

    Sure – according to your past track record high-powered, smart and gorgeous people who want to have a good, clean time are all over these dating websites. Buuuuuuut I guess my point is, and always has been, be careful and weigh your options on where and why you're meeting somebody on a blind-date of sorts.

    I know, I know; you'll say "obviously." Well you would be surprised, according to the numerous stories on social network websites and bad happenings to too-trusting people.

    And while I can agree that this article is a bit too leaning on the negative side of the equation, the story it stems from is about the harmful side of diving into this particular world of dating – just like being irresponsible at bars, clubs, etc. It's reporting.

    No reason to get testy, lash out personally and get all defensive, especially if you're going to town with Bank VPs and Civil Engeneering students, hardy har!

  6. I dont know about where you come from – but here in the developed world we have things called "condoms" which are but one way to have sex and minimise the risk of an STD.

    Also, you do kind of come across as a scared, inexperienced and intolerant kind of person, which I think is a good reason why you shouldn't be writing articles like this.
    Also, I have dated online and in "real life" both very succesfully- and like eating and smoking, my appetite for sex hasn't diminished at all – and frankly, I think if you don't want to have random, no-strings sex with as many women as possible there is something wrong with YOU.

    In fact I'm willing to bet this entire article is some lame attemmpt on your part to impress some hippy bird colleague of yours with how "new man" you are. Well done, you just screwed yourself out of some luvving.

  7. What an awful article. I had someone ad me on a facebook equivalent (bebo) who lived fairly near me. She was clearly a normal person and coincidentally on of my friends knew her friend. We chatted for a few months and eventually had sex. The moral of this story is that as long as they have an active profile with plenty of pics and comments from other friends, they are most probably normal. And always use a condom.

  8. 1 in 3 people will have sex in the first date. So be careful for STD. Most people at do have herpes for the online dating!

  9. Another less asshole-blanket-statement reason might be that people who meet from the Internet have already spent some time considering the personality of their penitential parter, and their romantic compatibility together, based on e-mails, instant message conversations, and phone conversations, and are thus sooner prepared to sleep with someone.

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