Refresh After a Workout with…Beer?

After a grueling workout at the gym, the only thing I want is a glass of ice old water…or a deep tissue massage and an hour in the sauna – but let’s be realistic here. And as much as I enjoy cocktail hour, the most unappealing after-cardio treat would have to be alcohol.

Apparently, I should consider changing my tastes. A new study suggests that BEER after exercise may be better than water for you. Wait, what?

Yes, it’s true, and guess who they tested this theory on? College students!

According to FOXnews, “The study results came from testing 25 college students asked to do strenuous exercises in 104-degree temperatures. They were then split into two groups, one given beer and other water to help them recover. The tests were conducted over several months. The hydration effect in those who drank beer was ‘slightly better’ than those who drank water.”

Reason you should not take this study too seriously: Only 25 students were tested, the results were only “slightly better,” and the students were probably so happy just to have free beer that it skewed the results.

Reason you SHOULD take this study seriously: The next time anyone questions your beeline from the gym right to happy hour, tell them you are doing it for your health. Cheers!

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Online Dating = Sex on the First Date