Plug In, Tune Out and Fall Asleep with the Sound Asleep Pillow

If you’re anything like me, nothing is better than listening to a favorite album while falling asleep – but that’s hard to accomplish if you dorm is inhabited by a loud, obnoxious roommate. To be perfectly fair, you may be the problem, with your horrible taste in music. While headphones for you (or earplugs for them) offer a quick solution, both choices aren’t optimal. Enter the Sound Asleep Pillow.

I’ve been waiting for an invention like this my whole life: the Sound Asleep Pillow has a built-in speaker (with a phone jack for your iPod/MP3 player, natch) buried deep in the center of the pillow, providing you with the comfort of your music (and your roommate with the comfort of not having to hear it).

You tune in while they tune out.

Considering a huge pet-peeve of mine is my music either being too soft (or loud) when attempting to fall asleep it’s convenient that I can control the volume without having to even lean up (or bother my roommate). With the Sound Asleep Pillow the only thing that could possibly be too soft is the pillow – and since when is that a problem?

The pillow’s cost of $35 is more than worth it, seeing that both you and your roommate can rest easy (how clever, right?).

Refresh After a Workout with…Beer?
Refresh After a Workout with…Beer?