The Daily Shocker: Puppy Love

Believed to be cursed for his murderous act of stoning two dog’s boning in his rice field, an Indian dude marries a dog to end the curse.

Nip/Tuck is going downtown.

VIDEO: this PC-powered car brings a whole new meaning to “powered Windows.”

It’s better to have your PC toasted than fried.

Weezer announces release date for sixth album, which not only is titled as lazy as their last record, but will be released on April 22. Wow…thanks for the half-year-early update, guys.

You know those messages on bathroom walls that say “If you’re looking for a good time call Gina”? You’re not supposed to really call them looking for a good time.

1 thought on “The Daily Shocker: Puppy Love”

  1. no shit…he really married a dog…but the BEST part was that the dog tried to run away before the ceremony!!!!!!!!

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