Win a Lovers Spat and Get Laid

Your girlfriend can be really lame when she is mad. Nagging, bringing up completely irrelevant side arguments and constantly hitting you with low blows – it’s just plain annoying but it’s a part of life.

Being a guy, it’s natural to want to win the argument; since we are the “stronger” sex there’s no reason not to (I’m kidding! Don’t hurt me, honey!). Winning lover’s spats is a major piece to the 300-piece “Becoming a Man” puzzle, and once you know how to do it you’ll be ready to dump her lame-ass whiny self and move on to a real woman.

Below are the steps to winning a lovers spat in a calm, effective manner. It’s so good in fact, that you will get laid after. If you don’t believe me, read after the jump and thank me later!

1. Let her spill her guts
When she’s raging it’s best to get out of the way and let her spill it all out. Kind of like puking.

2. Keep it coming by literally asking for more
She has much more on her mind then she will first indicate so ask her what else is on her mind. Some relationship therapist says, “Nine times out of 10 she just wants to air out her opinions.”

3. Prepare your defense
Flip it on her! Example: “When you ask that I stop going out with the guys, it makes me feel that you’re insecure.”

4. Stay on point
Chicks hate when you divert from the original purpose of the argument. Keep it simple and stay on course.

5. Don’t go on the offensive
Bad tactics include: calling her dumb, telling her that she’s annoying or needy, punching her – all bad things. Stay calm: once you’ve heard what she had to say use logic to flip it on her and now you’re winning!

6. Don’t be a p**** and roll over
“For women, power is an aphrodisiac,” says a real-professional relationship expert. Win this lover’s spat with solid man logic and she’ll be begging for more.

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