Psychology 101: What Your Sex Fantasies Say About You

College guys are horny little devils. So what!

Beer, shots and close-quarters with babes will do that to the best of us. But sometimes regular sex – or the type of sex that you would find in a COED High Noon Kama Sutra article – just isn’t enough.

All of us have thoughts of performing kinky sex acts – but what do these acts tell about us? Are we wrong to think this way?

Am I the only one why owns a blow-up doll? Is it weird that I have a thing for my grandma’s best friend Pearl?

Here’s a little psychology test called “What Your Sex Fantasies Say About You.” This probably won’t change your outlook on life, but at least it can explain why you’ve been having that fantasy of being tied up by the softball team’s butch catcher.

Read on if you dare!

1 – Thinking about the hottie from class when you wack it
What it means: You see this girl everyday, she’s good looking and it’s completely normal so act on these feelings!

2 – Group sex
What it means: This could mean a few things:

a) You have an innate fear of rejection; only in fantasy land can you approach so many lovers.
b) You can’t satisfy your sexual appetite in reality.
c) You crave immense amounts of simulation and creativity.

3 – Sex with an Ex
What it means: You are one of 15 (in a survey of 100 men) who think of an ex during sex with someone else. It’s easy to get tempted into getting back with your former flame if you can picture her naked. But remember, you broke up with her for a reason.

4 – Public sex
What it means: It’s a proven fact that exhibitionists have low self-esteem. If you fantasize about sex on a beach or banging in a night club chances are you are a shy person who might have a mean case of stage fright.

5 – Bondage sex
What it means: 13% of guys want to be tied up and ravaged by a girl, welcome to the club! If a girl holding you down and having her way is your thing chances are you are a power-monger who is secretly looking to submit.

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