Jessica Alba’s Top 5 Sexiest Internet Moments

Jessica Alba is the hottie of all hotties, although Jessica Biel is right up there too so let’s call it a tie.

Look at her body of work (Sin City, Idle Hands) and her body in COED’s Tribute to Jessica Alba’s A**. She was even voted #1 by in their Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2006 and admits to loving one night stands. Lovely.

TV, the big screen and print have all done wonders for Alba’s career, but it’s the internet that has pushed her assets well above cult status. There’s just a ton of amazing Alba related sh*t floating around the net…so we’ve compiled the best of it.

Here are Jessica Alba’s Top 5 Internet Moments.

#5 GQ Layout and Photo Shoot Video
GQ Photoshoot video

#4 “Sin City” strip tease

#3 Beach Bikini

This sums up Jessica Alba’s life. Her every move is gawked at by horny dudes.

#2 Into the Blue scuba diving scene
One of the best videos I have ever seen:

#1 Jessica Alba A** Tribute

Yeah! I’ll toot my own horn on this one. Jessica greatest internet moment is the COED Jessica Alba A** Tribute. If you don’t believe me click through and see for yourself.

29 thoughts on “Jessica Alba’s Top 5 Sexiest Internet Moments”

  1. Not to split hairs…but the first video did *not* show a strip tease. I watched it the whole way through to confirm…twice!

    And the second vid contains no scuba diving. Again multiple viewings have confirmed this. In the interest of accuracy, I will re-confirm, again and again.

  2. What about the bedroom scene from into the blue (alba's tiny camel toe) … TOO HOT!

    good tribute; if anyone deserve's it, it's this goddess.

  3. Well "Dave" here's the kicker… you're fuckin douchebag! Who cares if its not a mother-fucking striptease or a scuba trip. Stop being such goddamn technical bitch and just watch what you and everyone else came here to see: Jessica Alba showing off her shit.

  4. You guys, check out this Jessica Alba song I just spotted on youtube. it's at youtube/waitingforbetsy. Seriously hilarious.

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