Make Your PC Run Like a Mac in Five Steps

Seeing all those super-cool kids on campus with their 17-inch MacBook Pros really gets on your nerves, right? Who do they think they are, using superior technology while you run Adware every half-hour on the Dell your mom bought you for college?

All hope is not lost, PC patron: in a few easy steps you – yes, you! – can make your PC run like a Mac.

CNet recently published an article titled “Mock OS X: Five ways to make your PC more like a Mac” – and it goes in much farther depth than merely slapping an Apple sticker on your PC. Using free downloads (and in some cases, paid upgrades) you can prettify your PC to act more Mac-like with the use of a camouflaged taskbar, Widget application layers and Apple-emulating skins.

In no time you’ll be able to act as smug as any Mac-loving, eco-friendly San-Franciscan!

If any of this nonsense makes sense to you are either a Mac owner/fanboy or a die-hard Mac hater who knows thy enemy all too well (or you’re computer literate and deserve a pat on the back).

HI-Tech Stalking
HI-Tech Stalking
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