Am I Too Old for Facebook?

I graduate in a couple weeks (yup, I needed an extra semester to get the job done). Yes, I have come to terms with this and my emotional breakdowns have decreased to only once a week. Instead of wistfully reminiscing about each of my crazy college years and dispensing advice, I am now starting to look to the future as a mature adult…or something like that.

Facebook has been one topic of discussion lately for my graduating peers, and I still have not reached any conclusion yet. After college, is it considered weird to still be on Facebook all the time? Should I switch to a more grown-up social networking site? Not that I know of any certain ones that exist, but it seems like the word, Facebook, equals college in many minds.

Would creating a MySpace account take care of this issue? For some reason, MySpace makes me think of creepy old men stalking the profiles of thirteen year old girls.

When I really think about deactivating my precious Facebook account in hopes of gaining a real life, my heart starts to race and I get nervous that I will lose touch with all of my 508 “friends.”

After conducting some interviews and asking around, I have come to the conclusion that it’s not what you use, but how you use it. So, I will continue my love affair with Facebook, but in a more grown up way. I will un-tag any inappropriate pictures of me, edit my interests, and take down any personal information, because you also never know what employer may be checking out Facebook.

Facebook for me will become simply a way to still have ties and connect with people from college, but in a less obsessive and frequent way. Long gone will be the days of checking updates every five minutes to see if my friend posted hilarious pics from the night before.

Whew, what a relief, Facebook and I can still be in a relationship post graduation. Hopefully, just a more healthy and mature one.

2 thoughts on “Am I Too Old for Facebook?”

  1. I am 50 and have a page on myspace. There are blocks now available on my space so no one under the age of 18 can access your account. Keeps teent boppers away and protects the older people on myspace.

  2. Old people aren't supposed to have friends are they?
    I'm old and I don't have any friends.I just have cats,200 of them to be exact.I don't need no Mybook or Facespace
    and even if I did,I wouldn't have anywhere to put a computer;for my house smells of urine and every available area of floorspace is covered by towering to the ceiling stacks of old newspapers and magazines.

    Don't like it sonny?Well,I do and I voted for Lincoln!

    You know what social networking was back in my day?
    Smoke signalling,that's right wiseguy;morse code on train tracks to warn of
    approaching injuns,Now those were REAL social networking places!We didn't have none of em' err
    fancy "intra-webs."

    Uh oh,The group bus is here to take me to bingo,gotta go!

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