Experience Total Relaxation When Urinating with the Toilet Headrest

It’s high-time at the local bar you’re attending. You’ve been pounding beers all night and have called on the almighty Car Bomb to bring the night to its peak.

Friends are laughing, liquor is flowing, girls are grinding on each other for your/their pleasure…a bar-based utopia has been created for all!

Classic times are being had – until your bladder waves a red flag, forcing you to miss all the action happening while you’re gone, if only for those few choice minutes.

Not much feels worse than having to go unload in the midst of a drunken good time – but what if your wobbly trip to the John awarded you with a few moments of total relaxation? U.S. Patent 6,681,419 (the Urinal Headrest) is hoping to alleviate your bathroom woes.

The Urinal Headrest is exactly that: a comfy headrest where your head can relax while you do your business.

In fact, the Toilet Headrest looks so comfortable that I would be hard-pressed to find anybody severely wasted even trying to leave its relaxing grip.

While this “interesting” invention doesn’t need my help being applauded/criticized I’ll point out a few snags I noticed in its design:

What if your too short to reach the headrest?

What if you get too comfortable and rest too easy, passing out?

(After reading over the two possible problems I decided each of them would only add to the allure of this contraption, providing by-passers loads of entertainment when watching annihilated midgets attempting to relax and relieve themselves at the same time, passing out mid-stream.)

Final consensus: this is a great idea!

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