Trying to Charm a Lady? Here Are Some Pointers…

In your mind you may be Rico Suave, but it never hurts to read over a few pointers on how to charm a lady. I’ll keep it short and sweet so you can get back to sleeping, studying, ripping that bong or doing whatever people do on a Friday morning.

Do Say:

“If you’re not having fun wherever we go just let me know, ok? It’s no big problem.”

In giving your date the option to opt out of a certain plan, you’re showing respect before she earns it. If you’re worried about her being an unhappy, bitchy control freak, you’ll find out soon enough – and you’ll know to never call her back.

“I know we were going to ____ next, but why don’t we just say screw it and go to _______ instead?”

Spontaneity is key in having a quality date. Don’t let the idea of what dating is supposed to be determine your night. At the very least open both of your nights to new places and possibilities. A boring date can be turned on its head with the right attitude and lack of inhibition.

“I’m having a great time with you.”

Reiterating the good time: a first-date safety net. Letting your date know that you’re having a great time takes some pressure off the awkwardness of a first date. “Relax,” it says. “It’s only a date.”

“I’d love to see you again, m’lady.”

Say anything nice – there’s nothing wrong with being nice. Not overblown and annoying, but nice. M’lady is a killer. Chivalry lives on.

Don’t say:

“Holy crap you look hot tonight.”

The problem is not the “holy crap” (that could be funny in the right context) but the usage of “tonight,” ends the sentence on a sour note. Are you saying she’s usually not that hot? Fix that quick.

Follow up with a cute, fumbling, “well, you always look good but tonight in particular you look gorgeous,” and save yourself.

“You clean up well.”

Don’t be arrogant. Some guys (read: Guido types) may be able to “get tail” by demeaning girls, but those types of girls wouldn’t be within arm’s distance of anybody your type to begin with.

“How do you feel about sex on the first date?”

Who asks that? How do you answer? Don’t make your date feel uncomfortable. If your looking to fast-forward to the bedroom you better hope she feels the same way. If she doesn’t, congrats on ending the date earlier than expected – for all the wrong reasons.

“You’ve got a great body.”

Here’s a shocker: most girls don’t want to talk about their bodies on a first date. Plus, making a statement like that is borderline-creepy, considering there’s no answer to it besides an awkward “thanks…” followed by silence.

“I’ve been shopping for a new BMW – you know any dealerships around here?”

We get it: you have money. While some girls may not mind if you provide a night of decadence for them, the old “BMW” rich-boy stance isn’t going to impress anybody. They’ll treat themselves to the priciest choices on the menu and laugh about it to their friends afterwards – all at your expense.

“Wanna come upstairs?”

Whoa there, killer – if the night is going in that direction, and you feel inclined to ask her over, at least put some humor into it. Ask if she wants a night-cap, or at least some coffee. She’ll know what you’re talking about – unless she doesn’t; read the right signals! – without feeling the pressure of sex.

“I’ll call you…soon.”

Maybe you will, maybe you won’t – but if you really want to, set a specific time and follow through. Being honest is the honorable thing to do. Nobody likes to wait around for a phone call all day; if you’re not going call then just say so.

These tips are pretty simple, but you would be surprised how many arrogant dudes go around making the rest us look like egocentric bozos. A little bit of class (and a lot of humor) goes a long way.

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  1. FYI M'lady is the same as Ma'am. If you ever call a girl Ma'am (unless there is a friendship before hand) Said girl will never sleep with you.

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