Brew Review: Samuel Adams Cream Stout

Do you like cream in your coffee? If so, you may be a fan of Samuel Adams Cream Stout, a dark brew that goes down surprisingly easy.

Thick in more than appearance, this cream stout pours a deep chocolate brown with a tan, foamy head that lingers for a few minutes. Upon settling, a healthy amount of lacing sticks to the serving glass.

Its scent is reminiscent of – you guessed it – rich, dark chocolate and coffee.

Funny enough, Samuel Adams Cream Stout isn’t as “heavy” as one would expect. Creamy? Very much so. This brew packs a wallop on the taste-bud scale, with a complex mix of roasted coffee beans, cocoa beans and a touch of honey for kicks.

Malty, smooth and sophisticated – just the way I like my beer.

While it’s by no means a casual drinking beer – it’s more of a relax and enjoy type of brew – I can picture myself packing away a few frequently during the winter months. The beer’s alcohol content is at a dismal 4.69, but that’s expected when taste comes first. No complaints here, as a higher alcohol content would have probably muddied up its distinct taste.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Samuel Adams Cream Stout to any beer lover, regardless of preference. I can see this brew appealing to the casual drinker as much as any beer aficionado.

Samuel Adams Cream Stout stats:

Tastes like: quality dark chocolate with a strong coffee aftertaste

Smells like: refer to “tastes like”

Alcohol content: very low considering; recommended when drinking “for taste”

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