Turn Her On

For women, sex isn’t just about the actual sex. It’s about the whole mind and body experience. To make us really want you, we suggest you follow a few tips:

1) Set the mood. Turn off the TV (it’s distracting), turn down the lights and, hey, even throw on some sexy music. This atmosphere will really entice her.

2) Prolong foreplay. It’s true; women love real foreplay. This means that jumping right to the clitoris won’t work for her. Take your time. Slowly make your way south, lightly touching, massaging and caressing the entire body. Trust us; she’ll be hot for you.

3) Be an amazing kisser. Too much saliva can be a real mood-killer. Start out gently brushing her lips and then deepen the kiss, making it more passionate. She will be putty in your hands.

4) Speak up. Women love compliments. Make her feel even sexier between kisses by telling her she’s beautiful.

The extra work will be worth the wait. She will be hornier than ever.

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