Shot of the Week: B-52

Today’s Shot of the Week is an old standby.

The B-52 is known by many other names, but ask a bartender for one and she’ll know exactly what you mean.

Most likely named after the stealth bomber because of it’s quietly intense taste, this little shot will start your night off quickly. It’s an intricate concoction, and not all bartenders will do it the “right” way (probably because they’re lazy), but now that you know the secret to this creamy / burning drink, you’ll be able to impress everyone by making it yourself.


• 1/3 oz. Kahlua
• 1/3 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream
• 1/3 oz. Grand Marnier

Layer the alcohol in order, from the top. When pouring the Bailey’s and Grand Marnier, the pros use a spoon, allowing the liquid to drip off the spoon into the glass. Why do it this way? It keeps the liquors from mixing too fast. Plus, it looks complicated. And everybody knows complicated drinks = cool (even if they taste like sh*t).

…And as always, drink responsibly.

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