Learn How to Get Laid in NYC

Paul Janka claims to have written the book on having sex in NYC – and he actually has. It’s called Getting Laid in NYC.

Janka recently did an interview with the New York Post where he breaks down 120 “conquests” and goes into detail about how he works his mastery.

His tips make sense in the big picture, but some criticism is expected from anybody who considers themselves a pick-up artist/expert on getting laid.

When comparing NYC to other big cities and explaining his success Janka says, “I think part of the reason I wrote [“Getting Laid in NYC”] is none of this would work in Boston or LA. Here there’s not enough guys to go around that meet the criteria of the three s’s: straight, single and solvent.

I just have exposure in New York. I’ll walk down the block and like at rush hour, literally a dozen or 20 [girls] will pass me, each one is attractive in her mid-20’s, each one is single and lonely and it’s unbelievable, it’s like Jesus, I don’t know what these other guys are doing to try to get into these girls’ pants, but this is like a layup town.”

If you fit his “3 S” criteria read his New York Post interview and hit the town this weekend. (COED is not responsible for women slapping you across the face or throwing drinks on your dress shirt.)

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  1. YO this ni99a is right. I'm in NYC and you can't get hungup on stuck up prude bitches. For every 10 "no's" there is 1 "Yes"………

    NYC FTW !!!!!

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