Killer of Emily Sander aka “Zoey Zane” Captured!

After spending all day hearing about babies making babies and other fluff, it’s good to hear about something relevant and positive.

Israel Mireles, the man last seen with Emily Sander, has been caught by police, awaiting homicide charges for Sander’s death.

Most of the media (including us, admittedly) focused too much attention on Sander’s personal life at the time of her abduction.

Yes, “Zoey Zane” was the moniker used by Sander when posing for adult websites – so what? She was also a young woman, murdered for unknown reasons. You tell me which one matters more.

At the very least, her family can find some level of justice with Mireles behind bars.

Victoria Martens, girlfriend of Mireles, has also been found. No word has come forth about her involvement (or lack thereof) in Sander’s death.

Eternal props go out to the officers who tracked down Mireles, and to for handling this touchy situation in a classy manner.

3 thoughts on “Killer of Emily Sander aka “Zoey Zane” Captured!”

  1. First – Kill the bastard slowly…..

    Second, don't speak ill of the dead, she wasn't a 'porn' star. She did artistic nudes.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about what happened to Emily Sander. I'm glad her killer was caught and is in jail where he should have been all the time. My deepest condolences go out to Emily's family and her friends. Rest in peace, Emily.

  3. Have you heard anything recently? It’s been a year and I don’t think he’s been put on trial yet. I can’t find anything. Thanks.

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