Christmas Movies: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?

Every year around this time, our televisions are bombarded with Christmas movies. Movies that bring joy, movies cloaked in nostalgia, and movies you’d love to throw into the fire.

Got one you love? Got one that’s always pissed you off? Me too.

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer – (1964) – This claymation portrayal of Santa’s nonconformist reindeer chased me throughout my childhood, first scarring me with unexplained oddness, and later boring me into a deep, coma-type sleep.

As a child, the idea of claymation didn’t sit well with my young mind. The googly eyes and erratic movement of the characters in this song-filled fairy tale made me absurdly nervous.

And when that freaky, furry, roaring yeti-thing came onscreen…let’s just say I found a blanket, and stayed under it, for hours.

It’s A Wonderful Life – (1946) – Everyone’s always shocked when I describe my loathing of this film, but the really shocking thing is how many people can sit through this without falling asleep. I know its sacrilege to hate on the combination of Christmas miracles and James Stewart, but no matter how many times I force myself to attempt to sit through this entire film, I can’t ever make it to the end.

Maybe I’m a freak of nature. Maybe I have a hard, cynical heart. Whatever. It’s BORING.

A Christmas Story – (1983) – Now, if you really want to talk about timelessness, we should talk about A Christmas Story. I could watch all 24 hours of it on TNT every year and still laugh my ass off every time every time that mall Santa kicks Ralphie down the slide, or little Randy falls into the snow and can’t get up!

Pure, understated comedy gold; a portrayal of what Christmas is really like for those of us without personal miracles or chubby guardian angles.

Got a favorite or least favorite film of your own? Let us know!

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