Brew Review: Harpoon Winter Warmer

The holidays are over, and the snow doesn’t look like lovely sheets of soft cotton stretched for miles anymore; it’s all grime and slush. Welcome to January!

I need a beer. A winter warmer, in particular. ‘Tis the season.

Let it be known: Harpoon Winter Warmer is an acquired taste. One must have a strong palette for spices when attempting this oh-so-spiced up brew.

Do you like pie? Wait, let me rephrase that: do you like cinnamon-nutmeg ginger pie? Never had it before, you say? Try a Harpoon and you’ll know what that tastes like.

Pouring a full copper color, this winter warmer goes for the jugular on first impression, looking and smelling exactly how it tastes. A bouquet of flavors is an understatement, here. Overpowering is the word most are looking for.

Once the initial shock of the strong spices has exited you are left with a pretty enjoyable beer, depending on your taste buds. I know plenty of people who consider this beer terrible with too many flavors mucking up the finish, while others praise its unconventional taste as a nice alternative to the norm.

I say spice is the spice of life…?

Harpoon Winter Warmer stats:

Tastes like: SPICE

Smells like: SPICE

Alcohol content: SPICE

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