Love Mattress Cures “Spoon Arm,” Looks Naughty

The science of spooning is one that’s been left by the wayside for decades, leaving too many couples with aching arms and aching hearts (awwww).

But finally – finally! – somebody has stepped up to the plate and found a solution for sloppy spooning.

The Love Mattress is a prototype designed by Mehdi Mojtabvi that does indeed look to save the arms of spooners. Using small gaps between material the bed enables arms, legs and various other body parts to be wedged into the mattress itself, easily and comfortably.

I completely stand by this concept. Even if you’re not in the process of a super-cute spoon session, who wouldn’t want the ability to wedge your arm underneath a pillow without causing it to lose blood circulation and go numb? It’s a win-win for mankind.

Those slats look mighty practical; I would stuff all kinds of things in them, like important documents, magazines, DVDs, sandwiches…

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Yep, I’m totally gonna bone the Love Mattress. Not on it, but in it.

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