“Rock Her World” Girl Wants More Money, Respect, Media Attention

Watch this video of a hot model faking an orgasm in a jewelry commercial:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BreNK_BOsEY&rel=1]
Now that we are up to pace with the video in question, here’s the news:

The model featured in the “Rock Her World” online ad for Zsul Jewelry Inc. is suing the company for $5 million on grounds of being tricked into doing the racy ad. The model, who also hosts a network cable show, is “appalled” with the end product and feels “exploited” over the commercials’ content, which she believed to be more of a parody when agreeing to act in it.

So, let’s see here: a gorgeous model/talk-show host signs on to act fake orgasms on camera for $200 and is now peeved over how it exploits her sexuality and image. I can empathize…nope.

Okay, maybe just a bit. She was supposedly conned into a racier ad than she bargained for. Not fun, I guess. But the 37-year-old hottie needs to realize that nobody cares, and the ad could probably propel her into the realm of online stardom at the least. Or she can complain, sue, lose and crawl back into mid-level mediocrity. I know what I would do.

3 thoughts on ““Rock Her World” Girl Wants More Money, Respect, Media Attention”

  1. That is messed up. If she feels that she was conned and exploited, then more power to her for suing. No one should ever have to be in that position — she bargained for one thing, and got something entirely different, which, made her feel less than human — that's what it means to be exploted. If anyone believe she is suing for the fame, then take a moment to think of your most embarrassing moment including all the details of your perceived bad decision making, and whether or not you want the world to share in it. There really isn't a price for that.

  2. WTF did she think she was getting into when they asked her to lay on a bed with satin sheets and pretend like she is getting f*cked???

  3. I've gotta say that I agree with RossHogg, if someone tells you to lay on a bed and fake an orgasm while they film it then all bets are off. Thins lady is a moron for suing.

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