Britney Spears Rushed to Hospital in Ambulance After Holding Her Kids Hostage

Has it finally happened? Are people finally ready to stop taking cheap shots at Britney Spears (both literally and figuratively) and start locking her up?

Maybe, according to the swarm of paps:
You would think it was the night of Princess Di’s accident the way all forms of media clustered around the ambulance housing Britney Spears, who was under the influence of drugs when she was picked up for psychiatric evaluation, following refusal to turn over custody of her kids to K-Fed’s bodyguard.

It’s disgusting how out of control this situation has become.

Instead of continuing to see Spears as a perennial punching bag how about we all look at her for what she really is: a complete mess with two children taking zero responsibility for her actions. To think people still stick up for her makes me sick; her family should feel ashamed and halfway responsible. Britney Spears needs to be locked up and forgotten about, not empathized with.

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