“Need to Know” Facebook Group: Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

The 2008 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival kicks off June 12, and the best way to find information about “America’s Largest Concert Fest” is through their new “Bonnaroo Facebook Fan Page.”

Upon joining the Facebook group you will be linked up with 7,000 people (and counting) who have already confirmed they will be attending the event. This is a great way to meet new friends and scope out the local folk that will be attending the outdoor beer/sex/drug/hippie fest.

Members of the group will also receive important ticket and lineup updates through Facebook email, so you’ll know exactly when to buy tickets instead of paying a ridiculous markup on Stubhub.

If you are even remotely considering going to Bonnaroo this year I highly recommend joining this group. Although the rumors of Led Zeppelin headlining the festival with Metallica may be false, there’s no reason to miss out on bands like…well…let’s just hope Led Zep ends up performing, ok? Either that or plan on getting so unbelievably stoned that you don’t mind hearing wasted hippie folk protests and Tibetan ritual gong drone on for an eternity.

Juno About the Juno Soundtrack?
Juno About the Juno Soundtrack?