Five Things Real Men Don’t Sport

Lots of guys know how to dress. It’s definitely a turn-on when they find a style that fits their personalities. And even if they don’t have the know-how, sometimes all it takes is confidence, and even the biggest male fashion blunder can be overlooked.

But girls, we’ve all been here before:

“He’s really cute! Omigod…..well he was before I noticed he was wearing……that.”

“That” could be one of five things that, in my opinion, can make a good-looking, adorable, manly-looking kinda guy go from potential hook-up hottie, to….. “I think I see my friend over there.”

Beware. Counting down to the most irritating, here are the top five things real men should never sport. Ever. If you have a boyfriend who applies to this list, (though I hope that’s not the case) share this with him immediately. Share with everyone you can.

Strappy Sandals. You know the kind. The complicated, brown leather sandals with a slight heel. These monstrosities don’t make any outfit look anything remotely close to good.

Bracelets. Unless he’s wearing a diamond bracelet in hopes you’ll see it and say, “Hey, why are you wearing that diamond bracelet?” and he’ll say, “Oh, it’s actually for you. And there’s a lot more where that came from,” bracelets on guys are unnecessary.

Sunglasses at Night. Only acceptable if his name is Corey Hart, and he had a hit single back in 1983. Or he’s blind.

Popped Collars. The trend is slowly fading, but this overly annoying habit of so many college guys should have been completely gone a long time ago. Who is responsible for bringing this back in style? Can we track him down and slap him? I have found these collar-popping culprits a bit pretentious if you ask me. And what’s worse than a regular old popped collar? A pink popped collar. Real men don’t wear pink. Because they just don’t want to.

Jean Shorts. This is the worst of them all. There is no bigger let down than checking out a hot guy – his non-strappy shoes, his lack of jewelry and sunglasses, a collar placed firmly down where it belongs – only to find he’s sporting a pair of denim shorts. Don’t ask why. There just isn’t anything more disappointing. Jeans made for men should be manufactured solely in the form of pants. And then, of course, overalls would have to be done away with altogether. I’m a genius!

Happy Hunting!

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