Most Important Crap of the Day

Matt Leinart is banging Kristen Cavallari… DAMN HIM! [With Leather]

Hayden Panettiere‘s boobs in a training bra! Aaaw [The Bastardly]

Britney Spears checks out of Cedars-Sinai under the name Barbara Jean [Faded Youth Blog]

The Truth Behind Blue Balls [College Candy]

Joey Buttafuoco Sex Tape – NSFW while eating [Pop Crunch]

Former “SNICK” star Amanda Bynes’ has killer legs! [Popoholic]

Chuck Knoblauch not in the Hall of Fame?! NOO! [Epic Carnival]

Beer Pong Slam Dunk – Must See [P&J Time]

Tribute to celebrity Cameltoe [Cotton and Sand]

Jessica Alba calls Zac Efron a p***y [The Blemish]

Dad Scares Son [Unique Peek]

Classic Goose Gossage Tirade – NSFW Language [Bar Stool Sports]

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