Summer Glau is a Terminatrix

In Hollywood, hot babes come a dime a dozen. In a town where talent has little or nothing to do with becoming a household name, it’s great to see the stunning Summer Glau (“River Tam” from sci-fi cult classics Firefly and Serenity) get some recognition.

Glau, a classically trained ballerina (and all-around dancing machine) will put her skills to the test as Cameron Phillips, protector of Sarah and John Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, premiering this Sunday on Fox. Judging from her small-but-impressive resume, she won’t let us down; whether the creative minds behind the chronicles do is another story altogether.

Check out clips of Summer Glau in action after the jump.


4 thoughts on “Summer Glau is a Terminatrix”

  1. She is so beautiful. What a pity that she is a robot. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ By the way, there are many hot forum and blog topic at herpes dating site, you may be interested in some of them.

  2. I have no idea who Summer Glau is but she is FIT! I'm looking forward to The Sarah Connor Chronicles EVEN MORE now.

  3. Summer Glau is F'n HOT let's just say If I had the chance well you know 😉 I'd let her whip me anytime, and a plus she is flexable mmm yummy


    summer glau is fantastic in her role as cameron in terminator if you have never seen her bafore then watch her in firefly serenity the initiation of sarahand dancing in angel she is so fantastic i hope she comes to england one day .

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