Will the Academy Awards Suffer from WGA Strike?

We recently chimed in with our thoughts on the truncated Golden Globes, stating that the awards show is barely relevant to even the most hardcore pop-culture follower. The Academy Awards, on the other hand, are a far larger affair.

With the Golden Globes being scaled down to a high-society press conference, is the axe looming over the Oscars?

The 80th Annual Academy Awards are scheduled to be broadcast live on February 24, with the nominees announced on January 22, less than two weeks away.

Under the usual circumstances, a staff of writers would be knee-deep in zingers come January 22 – but no dice this year, with all this WGA strike hullabaloo.

Even Bruce Davis, the Academy’s executive director, doesn’t sound very optimistic about the shows’ outcome: “I’m not going to cite odds, but our hope is we can work something out or that the strike is resolved in time.” Ouch.

Has the WGA finally broke down the corporate heads? Quite possibly: Jon Stewart is scheduled to revisit his role as host at the Oscars, but in lieu of recent events may or may not follow through with his part of the bargain. If that’s the case, the Academy has no host, let alone a shoe-in ready to fill Stewart’s spot.

This situation is sticky. A resolution is in order, methinks…

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