Brew Review: Rolling Rock

When it comes to cheap beer, quality is as thin as the head most cheap ones provide. But there are (slight) exceptions to the rule, one being Rolling Rock.

If you’re looking for complexity, look elsewhere: Rolling Rock is as simple and drinkable as an inexpensive beer can get. Pouring a pale straw color the brew bears a decent head for the style, with a sweet malt scent that compliments its look. The “Pale Ale” tag is a tad overreaching in my opinion, as the taste isn’t very hoppy by definition, and actually very mellow with a sweet corn flavor.

Being a cheaper beer, the smooth and sweet (albeit muddled) taste of may leave something to be desired for enthusiasts, but is more than fine when out on the town knocking back a few. It’s definitely a social beer, mostly desired in a pub-type setting where its simple charms are an advantage over the sophisticated leanings of superior beers. Rolling Rock’s light-to-medium carbonation is a huge plus, seeing that it’s meant to chug, not to sip.

If you need some beer on the cheap, Rolling Rock is a great alternative to the abysmal Bud Light and summer-friendly Corona.

Rolling Rock stats:

Tastes like: sweet, light malt with little distinction, but heavy on drinkability

Smells like: a slight whiff of corn and hops

Alcohol content: 4.60%, so purchase a few packs (they’re cheap!)

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Facebook Group Alert: “I Want To Go To Corey Worthington’s Next Party”