Spend Valentine’s Day at the Castle… White Castle

I love it when multi-million dollar companies realize the humor and irony in their establishment, using their disadvantages to their everybody’s advantage.

This Valentine’s Day save yourself a few hundred-thousand dollars and treat your significant other to a candlelit dinner at White Castle. It’s uber-romantico, and as tasteful as the microwaved mush you’ll be served. What’s not to like?

Face it, couples: Valentine’s Day is a crock. It’s not celebrating of worth, outside of how much money can you spend proving your love to somebody. Since when did two-dozen roses and an expensive dinner once a year constitute a healthy, loving relationship?

Put your girl to the test: if your partner finds the idea of eating burgers at White Castle unfunny and disgusting, they are humorless and ought to be let go for somebody with a better sense of humor.

Don’t all women love a great sense of humor, anyhow?

Reservations are being taken now, so act quick. That’s right – you need a reservation. Genius.

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