Tornadoes Devastate Union University

Union University in Jackson, Tennessee was completely devastated by last night’s killer tornadoes.

According to reports and from talking with people on the ground, UU is devastated. Over 50 students were injured, 8 with serious injuries, while 12 other students were trapped in the debris for hours. None of the injuries appear life-threatening, and there has been no loss of life. The men’s and women’s dormitories have all been destroyed, and it is already estimated that the damage is around $70 million.

Officials praised the preparedness and reaction by students, and emphasized that their actions avoided any further injuries. When the sirens activated, the president said, the plans went in place and probably saved lives.

“They gave us plenty of warning,” said Jacob Carr, an 18-year-old freshman from Union City. “Union did an amazing job.”

Students who rode out the storm in their dorm buildings told stories of rushing wind, stout pressure variations and an eerie silence after the storm passed.

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