Northern Illinois Victim Memorials on Facebook

We’ve all created groups on Facebook for various reasons — boredom, procrastination, humor… but yesterday, many of us took the time to dedicate our groups to something serious, something real — the horrific, sad, scary shooting at Northern Illinois.

I heard what happened on the news yesterday. I was shocked. But I can’t say what happened to those poor, unsuspecting students hit me until this morning when I saw the many Northern Illinois memorial groups on Facebook. I saw pictures of the actual students who were shot and killed having fun with their friends, enjoying college, living a carefree life like the rest of us. I read other students’ comments from other schools and felt the sympathy and sadness in their words.

Check out the links to the memorial pages.

It has never been more apparent that we aren’t just self-involved alcoholics who party five days a week. We care about what happens to our peers, people we don’t even know. We see and are concerned with how yesterday’s terrible incident affects the victims’ families and friends. We have all been saddened by the fact that not one of them expected to lose their life that day. Even more, we’re aware and scared by the fact that this could have happened on any of our campuses. We could have been victims too.

People are angry, people are pointing fingers at this shooter, some are saying that they’re glad he’s dead. But I want to know why. Why did he do what he did? What was it that happened that made him snap? What made him so angry and irrational that he thought it would be a good idea to hurt innocent students?

I doubt there is a word out there that can actually describe what happened yesterday. All I know is that I was comforted when I saw how much love, concern and support is out there on other campuses, in something as small as a group on Facebook. My heart goes out to all the victims and their loved ones.

Official Facebook Memorial Pages:

Hokies for the Huskies, Pray for Northern Illinois

Group for both VA Tech students and NIU students to come together and remember both tragic events. Maximizes Facebook’s ability to share information and various forms of media but also provide users an outlet to create discussion and grieve.

Our thoughts go out to victims of the Northern Illinois University shooting

Pray for the victims of Northern Illinois University

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