7PM Suicide Girl: Ravyn

Ravyn Suicide
Age 18
Location Illinois

Taking pictures, going to shows,
getting dressed up, or undressed,
Putting my hawk up when my hair
is dirty, pink steel toes, loud music,

Not Cool:
Boys that wear more makeup than
I do. Boys that wear tighter pants
then me.

Makes her happy:
Punk shows, moshpits, scary movies,

Makes her sad:
Christmas, scratched cds,
stupid poeple, stupid people with
drivers licenses, snow, anything cold
undiscovered beauty

Fave Bands:
The Adicts. The Misfits
The Cramps, The Casualties
Tiger Army, Lower Class Brats
12 Step Rebels, The Dead Kennedys

Fave Films:
Grindhouse, Donnie Darko
Clockwork Orange, SLC Punk
Romper Stomper, The Departed

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