7PM Suicide Girl: Emet

Emet Suicide
Age 19
Location North Carolina

Traveling, piercings, tattoos,
body mods in general, reading,
psychology, clothing, makeup.

Not Cool:
Whores and puking

Makes her happy:
The beach, Miami Beach,
Needing something and then
getting it. When things happen
like they do in the movies.

Makes her sad:
Animal abuse

Fave Bands:
Brand New, Everclear
From First To Last
The Grateful Dead
The Doors, Blink 182
Senses Fail, Bright Eyes
Deftones, Alkaline Trio

Fave Films:
Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas
Requiem For A Dream
The Butterfly Effect
Patch Adams, The Good GIrl
The Saw series, Girl Interrupted
SLC Punk, The Wall, Blow

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