7PM Suicide Girl: Kali

Kali Suicide
Age 23
Location Quebec, Canada

Playing pool, dripping sarcasm,
b movies, photography, seedy bars,
big funky sunglasses, attempting to
make intelligent conversation while
completely wasted, zombies,
political discussions, the 80s, good

Makes her happy:
Hot coffee and a smoke, butterflies
in my stomach, my cat, travelling,
Irish accents, amusing people..

Makes her sad:
Manipulators and liars, cruelty to
animals, feeling uninspired.

Fave Bands:
At The Drive In, Necro, Bowie
Death From Above 1979
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blondie
The Streets, Pixies,Tom Vek, M.I.A

Fave Films:
Princess Bride, Fight Club
Morvern Callar,Napoleon Dynamite
Breakfast On Pluto, The Cable Guy
The Crying Game, The Wrong Guy
Ferris Buellers Day Off
No Country for Old Men

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