Be Kind Rewind Reviewed

Nevermind the fact that VHS tapes are tragically outdated — Be Kind Rewind is too experimental, comical and downright likable to get caught up in such continuity issues.

Besides, when a movie features Mos Def, how can you say no?

Mos Def not enough of a draw for you? Not sure if you should pony up the $11.50 to make it out to the theater this weekend? Would you rather spend your cash on a 6 pack and some nachos tonight? I’ll help make the decision as pain free as possible with a list. Everyone loves lists.

1) Only Jack Black could make me believe that after becoming magnetized and erasing an entire store on video tapes, that recreating them is the only logical solution. And Jack Black is usually kind of corny. But not this time! Plus, he makes funny faces.

2) Michel Gondry directed the film. Drop that knowledge on your date along with a few key lines from Eternal Sunshine and consider yourself laid tonight. You’re welcome.

3) It’s only like, 100 minutes long, which is about as long as The Lion King (which they recreate in the movie!), so unless you still wet the bed and can’t sit still for longer than an hour at a time, you’ll make it through without wanting to kill yourself.

4) It’s a feel good movie without necessarily being a side-splitting comedy. Which means its deep. Elaborate on this concept with your date and consider yourself laid…again. You’re welcome.

5) You had something else to do tonight? Really?

3 thoughts on “Be Kind Rewind Reviewed”

  1. I like the simplicity of the review as its the way I rather read other’s opinions on a movie. I have to go check it out now!

  2. So do they cure JB of his magnetism or does he erase all of the "sweded" movies as they are filming? Any Cloverfield mentions? Just curious.

  3. I silently concluded that any movie with Jack Black is a feel good movie. I feel good he was cast. And he showed up. And walked around in front of the camera or made sounds with his voice. No. Really. I would consider going gay for Jack Black. With blond hair.

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