Frat Party Gone Bonkers, Police Arrest 9

Frat’s Motel Pledge Event Turns Berserk

What began as a dream pledge party turned into a nightmare for fraternity pledges and for the University of Colorado at Boulder when nine prospective brothers were arrested this weekend after police said they drunkenly ransacked a pair of motel rooms.

From the looks of it the guy on the bottom left should have been arrested for a terrible hairdo violation. Read the full story and see video of the trashed hotel room and descriptions of what cool fraternity happenings went down at the event.

Top College Quarterbacks of the 2008 NFL Draft

With the NFL combine upon us Rumors and Rants has given us the top seven QB prospects for the 2008 NFL Draft saying, “Until the league starts to change the way it evaluates quarterbacks, don’t expect much from the “highly-rated” guys in the next couple of years.”

Brooke Helvie Crowned 2008 Miss University Of Florida

Meet Brooke Helvie. She was crowned 2008 Miss University of Florida Monday night in Gainesville. But that isn’t the biggest moment in her life lately. She is better known nationally as the pageant chick who recently hugged on Simon Cowell after an American Idol audition. Helvie has since received the boot which led to her win in the UF contest. [View her pictures]

2008 ACC Baseball Preview

The College Baseball Blog has started to check in with college baseball teams across the country. Today they are taking a look at the Atlantic Division of the ACC. Last year UNC won the ACC; this year it looks like Miami (FL) and Virginia will give them a solid run for their money.

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