Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, and Chris Pontius are starting a new website, and their launching it by taking over MTV. The website is JACKASSWORLD.com and plans to offer fans streaming content of the groups absurd antics. The website already has some popularity, and has generated more than 2.6 million views of the movie Jackass 2.5 alone.

But the best is yet to come. On February 23, 2008 beginning at noon JACKASSWORLD is taking over the MTV studios and their airwaves for twenty-four hours. “Who at MTV thought this was a good idea?,” Johnny Knoxville told reporters while working in conjunction with BMX legend Matt Hoffman to develop a super stunt bike show in tribute to Evel Knievel for the network.

In addition to the twenty-four hour takeover, the website will feature behind-the-scenes footage, highlights posted in real-time, the ability to submit video questions to the cast and crew, and send the cast text messages. The site will also be updated daily. So you can ask Johnny Knoxville how it felt getting bit by an anaconda. Or ask Steve-O how painful having a leech put on his eyeball was.

Hopefully MTV will be ready this time for the lawsuits that are sure to follow from children attempting to copy the stunts like they did when the show originally aired. But with a title like Jackass one would know that the antics on the show aren’t the brightest thing to perform. That’s what the Jackass guys are for. So sit back, relax, laugh, and cringe in vicarious pain on JACKASSWORLD.com.

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