The No-String G-String: a Guy’s Perspective

Although celebrities who go commando are still all the rage in Hollywood, we here in the real world like something that triggers our imagination…like a Hollywood babe going commando.

Ok, bad example – but I still believe that sexy underwear trumps “in the buff” eight times out of ten, if only for accentuating the assets on display. When held in flattering fabric, the a** and vajayjay take on a new personality, filled to the gills with magic and wonder! And they look hot.

But how about these newfangled no-string G-strings, fellas? Even I, a** enthusiast extraordinaire, am taken aback by this new form of undergarment.

I’m all about tassels, straps and lace, but this is a bit much – or not enough, for that matter. It looks like a sock with static cling that sticks to a woman’s ladyparts. That’s cool and all, but something about it makes me assume the wearer of such garments is either a sassy, fun female completely in touch with her sexuality, or a disease-infested slutmonster set to wreak havoc with poonany pestilence.

Is it worth the gamble? Absolutely.

10 thoughts on “The No-String G-String: a Guy’s Perspective”

  1. god forbid you should say ass. i can't imagine what would happen if my virgin eyes saw a tiny cuss on the internet.

  2. Obvious next comment

    share the knowledge says :
    February 29, 2008 at 11:02 am
    it is called a C string

    Or a Can't-C-String …

  3. New??? This first appeared in Penthouse magazine more than 20 years ago!!! There's nothing NEW about it! It's so fucking uncomfortable to wear, it won't catch on THIS time, either!

  4. from product web site
    Perfect For:

    * Form fitting dresses
    * High Cut dresses
    * Pole dancing wtf
    * Sunbathing
    * Spas and salons WTF again !! why?

  5. This item was sold years ago. Old version had stron spring and actually covered a bit more in the rear.

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